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For the £5 monthly subscription you will get a minimum of 2 new digital releases per month + 1 piece of subscriber only content p/month. Plus immediate download of most of the catalogue that is currently available on the UTTU Bandcamp - Lot's more coming soon - check the video above for a sneak peak ;)

Started in 2011 Unknown To The Unknown has evolved to the point where we are releasing at least 2 EPs per month across the network of labels:

Unknown To The Unknown * Leftfield Oddball Electronix *
Dance Trax * Dance floor bombs from all genres *
Hot Haus Recs * House music plain & simple *
& introducing a new label: Soft Computing - not sure what this will become yet.. let's see :)

It's time to create a space where fans can get access to all releases & exclusive content. I'll be uploading loads of subscriber only content: long lost DJ mixes, free EPs, previous vinyl only drops & if all goes well, I'll be looking to get some exclusive remixes too.. again gonna see what the pick up is like and build it from there.

Without giving too much away in the next few months we will have releases featuring:

Hugo Massien, Jensen Interceptor, DJ Haus, DJ Boneyard, mija, Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid, Marquis Hawkes & DJ Haus, Patrick Topping, Neil Landstrumm, Cromby, KETTAMA, EJECA + some more clues in the video above :)

I hope you enjoy it all!

DJ Haus

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